Press Release

It is with great pleasure to announce that on April 15, the

    San Jose Mercury News
    San Jose, California

began featuring a weekly Seismo-Watch Newspaper Earthquake Report in the Tuesday edition of their Science and Technology section.

The Mercury has chosen to show a basic black and which earthquake epicenter map mostly of the San Francisco Bay Area and Central California, from about Sonoma in the north to San Benito in the south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley on the east. Weekly earthquake epicenters registering M1 or stronger are plotted on the map and a table summarizes the various magnitudes recorded. A brief discussion highlights the significant activity. An example of their graphic can be seen at the following URL:

The San Jose Mercury News is one of the four largest newspapers in the San Francisco Bay area, servicing several communities in the South Bay Area and central California region, with a potential readership of over 780,000 people. Several active faults cut the region, which not only provide abundant backgroud seismicity but a pose a significant risk to the residents from a major quake. While providing an exciting feature to watch from week to week, it is hoped the Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report will maintain an elevated sense of earthquake awareness and in turn, create a population attuned to effective earthquake hazard mitigation strategies.

Since 1992, Seismo-Watch Newspaper Earthquake Reports have gained widespread public, professional and governmental appeal for transferring information from the earthquake monitoring centers to the public via a common, low cost media source. Weekly Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports currently appear in over 30 newspapers from 15 core media syndications within California and Nevada, and have a collective potential readership of over 2.6 million people.

For more information on how your local newspaper can begin a Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report, see the Seismo-Watch web page or contact:

Advanced Geologic Exploration
P.O. Box 18012 / Reno, NV 89511-8012
Toll Free 24 hour Message Line 1-800-852-2960
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