Reno Gazette-Journal drops Seismo-Watch .

April 29, 2003

Yesterday, Seismo-Watch had a conversation with the managing editor of the Reno Gazette-Journal about the decision to drop the weekly Seismo-Watch earthquake report. Although we had a good conversation and several proposals were made, Seismo-Watch was unable to sway her and the decision stands. The last report was featured on April 23.

The editor informed Seismo-Watch that this was a tough decision, but the current economic conditions forced her to make several cuts in order to make the newspaper's reduced operating budget. Seismo-Watch was just one of a long list of venders that received discontinue notices.

In support, she acknowledged it was a popular feature and it was her hope that the paper could revive it at some future point.

Seismo-Watch began in the Reno Gazette-Journal newspaper in October 1992 and was celebrating its 10th season of providing earthquake information to Nevadans via the Reno Gazette-Journal. Few Nevadans realized just how seismically active their state was until Seismo-Watch came on the scene.

Seismo-Watch continues to feature weekly earthquake reports in two rural Nevada newspapers, the Mason Valley News in Yerington, and the Lahonton Valley News in Fallon, and is actively seeking new newspapers to carry on the mission.

Seismo-Watch wants to thank all the people who have helped them during the past ten years of service, including the Nevada Division of Emergency Management, the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, the Nevada Seismological Laboratory, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and especially the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council, who boldly included partial funding of Seismo-Watch in Nevada Newspapers in their annual budget.

While this was a hard decision for the Reno Gazette-Journal, they also should be congratulated for taking such a bold stance to present a potentially controversial feature in the first place. In fact, it was with the Reno Gazette-Journal where Seismo-Watch first began. Read the story here.

Seismo-Watch trust that the voice of earthquake awareness and preparedness will be continued in Nevada through other means as this natural hazard presents a real danger to its citizens. Since large, damaging earthquakes are less frequent in Nevada than other places, like California, a consent vigil is needed to remind people of their risks and opportunities of safety.

Public opinion can often sway newspapers to resume discontinued features. We encourage you to call or write the Gazette-Journal with your comments or suggestions. Here are some contacts:

  • Toyna Cunning, Executive Editor, (775) 788-6357
  • Fred H. Hamilton President and Publisher, (775) 788-6236
  • Letters to the Editor

You can find the Reno Gazette-Journal online at:

Seismo-Watch features weekly earthquake reports in over 30 newspapers in California and Nevada and remains committed to high quality earthquake information to the news media.

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