Santa Barbara News-Press Resumes Seismo-Watch .

April 28, 2003

Showing their ongoing commitment to earthquake safety, the Santa Barbara News-Press will resume featuring the Seismo-Watch earthquake report in their newspaper on Wednesday, April 30 -- the last day of California Earthquake Preparedness Month.

The News Press had previous ran the earthquake report for nearly four years before canceling the service in October 2002, citing poor regional economic conditions and new management directions.

They will be running the report on Wednesday, midweek edition.

The new report will be a slimmed-down version of the previous edition, presenting a regional earthquake map from the Gulf of California to Parkfield, a two-week daily activity graph, a weekly activity summary table, and a brief discussion of the notable action of the week.

The News-Press is a supporter of earthquake safety in Santa Barbara County and the new report will also feature the Seismo-Dog earthquake preparedness tip of the week, this week reminding readers of California Earthquake Preparedness Month.

The Santa Barbara News-Press began featuring a Seismo-Watch earthquake report on January 4, 1998, and was an instant success with is readers. During its nearly four years of service, Seismo-Watch received numerous letters and e-mail in support of the feature. Emergency response managers, teachers and professors, and business leaders, as well as the general public, all applauded the timely information and the much needed earthquake awareness and preparedness messages contained in the reports.

We encourages you to call or write the News-Press, appaulding their keen insights for bringing Seismo-Watch back to the people of Santa Barbara County. Here are some contacts:

  • Raul Gill, New Media Director, 805-564-5185
  • Jerry Roberts, Executive Editor, 805-564-5296
  • William H. Fleet, Publisher, 805-564-5235

You can find the Santa Barbara News-Press online at:

Seismo-Watch features weekly earthquake reports in over 30 newspapers in California and Nevada and remains committed to high quality earthquake information to the news media.

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