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The Mammoth Times, and its subsidiary the Sierra Times, is a popular newspaper read by over 75,000 local residents and resort/vacation destination travelers from all over the world. It is the newspaper source of the eastern Sierra.

The seismic activity of the Mammoth Lakes region is legendary and weekly Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report was a hit with their readers as soon as it arrived in December 1997 during the height of the robust 1997-1998 earthquake swarm. It shows an epicenter map of weekly earthquake activity in the Mammoth Lakes region with magnitude, time and date annotations of significant activity. There is also a cross-section showing the depth of the activity (very popular!!), charts of daily and weekly levels of activity, weekly magnitude summary totals, and a brief discussion of the notable activity of the week.

The Mammoth Times does not pay for the Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report. The service is solely based upon an earthquake report sponsor. Notice the 1 inch banner across the top of the earthquake report. This space is reserved for the sponsor of the report. It is ample space to bring your product of service to the readers. People tend to see this banner first then read the report.

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Terms are quite reasonable and the exposure is quite high. With an average of 40-60 earthquakes per week, felt quakes happening on nearly a weekly basis, and robust earthquakes swarms totaling more than 2,000 quakes a week, you WILL receive advertising results and positive name recognition from tens of thousands of readers. This is their source of earthquake news and informattion!

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