North County Times Drops Seismo-Watch .

February 2, 2002

Citing budgetary reason, the North County Times has decided to discontinue their weekly Seismo-Watch earthquake report. This is truly sad news as the people of northern San Diego County were highly interested in the ongoing seismic activity of their region.

In a brief e-mail, an editor said that "effective immediately, we are canceling Seismo for budget reasons."

Later that day, Seism-Watch contacted the North County Times and offered a new rate to help them through these relaxed economic times. After no response was received, another message was sent and, unfortunately, it also went by without response.

The editor was kind enough to add in their cancellation notice that it was their "hope that we can revive the feature at some [future] point". Seismo-Watch will continue to keep an open dialogue with the newspaper and are encouraged by their continued interest.

The North County Times began featuring Seismo-Watch in May 2000 and it was an instant success with is readers. (See example of the report) During its nearly two years of service, Seismo-Watch received numerous letters and e-mail in support of the feature. Emergency response managers, teachers and professors, and business leaders, as well as the general public, all applauded the timely information and the much needed earthquake awareness and preparedness messages contained in the weekly reports.

Seismo-Watch remains committed to high quality earthquake information to the news media and encourages you to call or write the North County Times with your comments and suggestions. Here are some contacts:

  • Dick High, Publisher, Publisher, (760) 740-5403
  • Kent Davy, Editor, (760) 740-5401
  • W. Russell Harris, Managing Editor, (760) 740-3521
  • Teresa Hineline, Topics Editor (760) 739-6674

You can find the North County Times online at:

This is the fifth newspaper in two years to struggle with the down-turned economic conditions and discontinue the Seismo-Watch feature. The other four newspapers are the Bakersfield Californian, Santa Barbara News Press, Napa Valley Register, and the Humboldt Beacon. While many other newspaper have expressed interest in the popular feature, the economic times are tough and they are waiting to for the recovery.

The newspaper industry is a tough busines and is directly effected by the subtle changes in the economy. You see, when the economy is down, the disposal income of the public is curtailed and a newspaper subscription is one of the first extra expenses to be cut. The fewer newspapers sold means the less revenue for added features, like Seismo-Watch.

Seismo-Watch encourages you to contact your local or regional newspaper and tell them you want to see a weekly earthquake report in their newspaper. Our rates are reasonable, ranging from $25-200 per week, and we often work with local emergency service managers, including FEMA, to provide offset funding.

Demand the best - tell them you want Seismo-Watch!




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