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Bakersfield Californian prints last Seismo-Watch earthquake report on October 14, 2001

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October 16, 2001

On October 14, the Bakersfield Californian newspaper printed their last edition of the Seismo-Watch earthquake report. Siting the depressed economy and low readership interest, told Seismo-Watch that they could no longer carry the feature.

Jenner told Seismo-Watch during a conversation on September 14 that when they had a technical problem in early August and the report was not printed, few people called to complain. That alerted them that maybe the feature was not as popular as they thought, and perhaps they could discontinue the service and save some money.

Thus, during an informal readership survey later that month, the report was purposefully left out during its weekly printing. Unfortunately, only one person called to complain.

Seismo-Watch informed Jenner they received a few messages of the report's absence and had wondered what was going on. But the economy being as it is and competition for news print space high, the decision had been made - Seismo-Watch would be discontinued on October 14.

Seismo-Watch began the earthquake report in the Californian on June 14, 1994 and for over seven years, the report provided the residents of Kern County weekly earthquake news and information of their region.

The report consisted of a regional Southern California map, a daily graph of events, a summary tally of events, a notable earthquake of the week, a brief discussion of the activity, and a weekly preparedness tip (see last report here). From time to time, Seismo-Watch would provide detailed inset maps of local activity, like that in the Coso and Ridgecrest areas.

Seismo-Watch has made a proposal to the Californian to feature the report for free if they would allow a sponsorship banner on the report. They have not responded as of yet.

Seismo-Watch is grateful for the long publishing history in the Californian and we wish them the best during these tough economic times.

What you can do...

Newspapers need to hear from you that you like the reports. Although we feel the price for the report is reasonable, these are tough economic times, more newspaper may decide to cut the reports to save money.

You can contact the Bakersfield Californian news staff and tell them you want to see Seismo-Watch back in the paper.

If you are interested in sponsoring the report, please contact right away and we can discuss this with the Californian.

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