Background to Seismo-Watch

Seismo-Watch is a popular source of earthquake news and information for millions of people worldwide. It is produced and directed by Charles P. Watson, President and Chief Geologist of Seismo-Watch, Inc., a Reno, Nevada based C-type Corporation.

The idea for Seismo-Watch came about after Charles saw an earthquake report or cartoon in a San Francisco newspaper during the fall of 1991. Charles knew earthquakes occurred in Nevada and being a geologist looking to expand the consulting practice for his company, Advanced Geologic Exploration, Inc., he believed he could make a better looking, more informative earthquake report and show it in his local paper.

After consulting with the Western Basin and Range Seismic Network operated by the Seismological Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Reno, and the local newspaper, the Reno Gazette Journal, a prototype earthquake graphic was developed. On October 14, 1992, the first Seismo-Watch earthquake report rolled off the press.

The interesting twist to the story was Charles originally wanted to sell his report for $260/week. The Gazette Journal offered $15, but explained they were the west coast headquarters for the Gannett News Service, publishers of USA TODAY, and would be willing to assist in syndicating the report in other Gannett newspapers. Charles skeptically agreed, thinking at least he would receive exposure for his geologic consulting practice. Other newspapers were approached and surprisingly, several jumped on the opportunity to feature a local earthquake report. Hence, the Seismo-Watch earthquake reporting business was born!

Now, there are more than 35 newspapers in California and Nevada, featuring Seismo-Watch Newspaper Earthquake Reports with an estimated potential readership of nearly 5 million people per week. In concert with this success, the Seismo-Watch web site has become quite popular, now garnishing more than 250k hits per month from in excess 50k page views per month. With the interest in local, regional, and global earthquake news and information on the rise, the future for Seismo-Watch looks very bright.

In 1999, Seismo-Watch introduced the earthquake preparedness icon, Seismo Dog, a cute, fun-loving hound whose main mission was to spread good will and cheer with simple earthquake preparedness messages. Now Seismo-Watch provides the combined one-two punch of increasing earthquake awareness and facilitating earthquake preparedness, a necessary approach to reducing risks from earthquake hazards.

In January 2001, the earthquake reporting service was spun off from Advanced Geologic Exploration to form, Seismo-Watch, Inc., a Nevada based C-type Corporation. The new firm will concentrate explicitly on providing high quality earthquake news and information, data and analysis, and earthquake safety products, services and policy.

As these web pages show, Seismo-Watch is a popular and respected publication syndicate for earthquake reporting that has grown substantially from the initial concept.

We hope you will agree, There is no better source for earthquake information than Seismo-Watch.

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