Seismo-Watch Mission Statement

Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports are a reminder that earthquakes happen around the world or in you region nearly every day.

The slow and often abrupt movement of the Earth's surface is an indication of the remarkable and dynamic world we live in. However, understanding earth processes and being prepared in case of a major event is the key to safely living in earthquake prone areas.

Since large damaging earthquakes occur infrequently, it is important to maintain an understanding that they can occur at anytime and people should know what to do before, during and after they strike.

Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports are an effective means for attaining these goals.

Earthquakes can be both frightening as well as interesting. Everyone who has experienced a large earthquake can tell you that. Frightening because of their awesome power and the ability to strike unexpectedly nearly anywhere on the planet. Frightening because they can destroy homes, business, and communities, and turn thousands of people's lives into rubble within a matter of seconds.

Interesting, perhaps to everyone in a different way, but maybe because of the immense geologic proportions that these tectonic processes occur; the awesome force that causes the Earth's surface to rupture for several hundred miles; or because even the top minds of this planet cannot predict when the next Big One is going to occur. The mysteriousness of when, where and why earthquakes occur is compelling, and the potential magnitude of the event charges us with excitement while at the same time as giving us the respect of something very powerful.

Seismo-Watch keys in on the interesting aspect of earthquakes, showing people when and where earthquakes have occurred in a concise and easy to read manor. We describe the activity from a basic geologic vantage, giving the reader a physical reference of the activity. Seismo-Watch refrains from the media hype of the trauma caused by earthquakes in favor of accentuating the science of the event.

We have developed a legendary "Seismo-Watch style"   that combines graphic presentations along with concise, bullet-discussions. Seismo-Watch has been hailed by professionals, scientists, and government institutions as bridging the information gap between the scientific community and the general public.

We hope you will agree, there is no better source for earthquake information than Seismo-Watch.

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